DGME (Dollar General Marketing Employee)

Dollar General Corporation is a significant retail powerhouse in the United States, presenting an extensive selection of merchandise at budget-friendly rates across its numerous outlets. The DGme Employee Access Portal provides an avenue for active staff members of Dollar General to enter their corporate profiles digitally from various web-enabled gadgets, including personal computers, notebooks, slates, or mobile phones.


Accessing their DGME personal account, Dollar General team members can review their schedules, tax documents, employment perks, company opportunities, critical updates, and paystub details via the portal. Additionally, they can conduct job-related tasks round-the-clock, including monitoring the progress of applications and uploading necessary forms, among other functions. Dollar General regards its workforce as the cornerstone of prosperity through the DGme Login platform.

Dollar General stands firmly behind its team, offering employment across various tiers and dedicating resources to workforce development with training and skill enhancement, ensuring each position is a stepping stone to a professional career.

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DGME Services offers a foundation for staff to enhance their abilities and acquire new competencies through top-notch training initiatives and acclaimed promotional events. This article will guide you through the registration process for Dollar General employees, detail employee rewards, and additional pertinent information.

Moreover, they provide attractive remuneration and advantages for their workforce. This approach is mirrored in our internal advancement and extensive hiring efforts, encompassing more than 17,000 retail locations, 18 standard distribution hubs, DGme Fresh operations, our proprietary fleet infrastructure, and our dedicated customer support centre.

How to Login to DGME?

The DGme login portal for Dollar General staff is accessible to all current members of the Dollar General team. Should you be an approved individual enrolled for this service, you may reach this gateway by adhering to the straightforward instructions provided below.

  1. Visit the designated DGME sign-up page for staff at webapps.dolgen.net/dgme2 or through the DGME Login link.
  2. Input your employee credentials, including your identification number, the initials of your legal first and last names, and the corresponding password linked to your Dollar General EID in the specified areas.
DGme Login
  • Press the ‘Login’ option to initiate the DGME gateway and enter your Dollar General staff profile.
  • Your DGME Login account will then be displayed.

How to Register For the DGME Portal?

Employees and users are provided distinct portals to organize or preserve their tasks, contingent upon the user. Initially, let’s address the process of registering a new user.

  • For new users eager to establish an account on DGme’s employee portal, utilize the following link: https://websso.dolgen.net/ssoa/NewRegistration.aspx.
  • The registration interface may resemble the password reset page.
  • Nonetheless, fill in the required fields with your Employee ID, Birth Date, Social Security Number’s last four digits, and Full Legal Name. Afterwards, select the ‘Submit’ option.
  • If required, adhere to the prompts on the screen to complete your new account setup on this portal.
  • That concludes the steps for employee portal enrollment. Next, let’s examine the account creation steps for users on the DGME site.

Steps to Set Up a DGme Account

  • You may have navigated to the DGme site to peruse content and deals. If so, you likely spotted the sign-in prompt at the top right of the page.
  • Select the sign-in prompt, where a dropdown menu will present itself. Within these choices, choose the ‘Create Account’ feature on DGme Login.
  • A window for account setup will display. Input your name (surname followed by given name), postal code, electronic mail address, and a secure passphrase.
  • Make sure your passphrase includes at least one numeral, one symbol, and both uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • To opt into promotional details, electronic mail updates, and e-receipts, tick the relevant checkboxes before clicking the “Create Account” button.
  • This completes the steps for general users to establish an account on the Dollar General portal.
  • You’re now set to add preferred items to your basket and request delivery straight to your residence.

How to Reset DGME Credentials?

Online Employee ID Setup

To log in to the DGME portal effectively, your Dollar General employee identification is necessary. If your DGme EID is unknown to you, you can retrieve it by submitting some personal identification details.

  • Just tap the ‘search here’ hyperlink on the DGME employee sign-in page, and you’ll be rerouted to the employee identification finder. This link is adjacent to “If you don’t know your EID,” located above the input sections of the portal.

You’ll be directed to the DGme Employee ID page, where you must enter the following details.

  • It’s essential to input your official name precisely as it’s listed on your Social Security card, following the format of birth month, day, and year. Key in the year you commenced employment with Dollar General, followed by the final four numerals of your Social Security number.

Password for DGme Employee Sign-In

  • If you know your Dollar General employee ID but have misplaced your password, a reset will be necessary to regain access to your DGme Login employee profile. To initiate the password reset process for your Dollar General DGME login credentials, you may
Dgme reset password
  • Navigate to webapps.dolgen.net/dgme2
  • Look for a prompt titled “Forgot my password” situated in the top right section of the employee login area. Select this to begin the password recovery process.
  • Provide your employee ID, full legal name, and the last four numbers of your SSN in the designated areas; also, correctly enter your birth month, day, and year.
  • Press the ‘Submit’ option and adhere to the directions on the screen to update your Dollar General DGME login password.

Employees Benefits at Dollar General?

Dollar General offers a full range of benefits through its DGME Employee Portal, designed to support the health, financial security, and overall well-being of its staff.

  • Healthcare plans covering prescriptions, virtual doctor consultations, and dental and eye care are available.
  • Support for unexpected medical events such as critical illnesses, hospital stays, or cancer treatments.
  • Options for life coverage.
  • A competitive salary with the possibility of yearly performance rewards.
  • DG Careers provides both short-term and long-term disability benefits.
  • Accounts with flexible spending options.
  • Support for new parents, including leave and assistance with adoption.
  • Protection against identity theft through Life Lock.
  • Legal assistance as part of the DGME Paystub program.
  • Coverage for mishaps while traveling for business.
  • Programs aimed at fostering a healthy lifestyle, managing chronic conditions, and overall well-being, providing both legal assistance and behavioral health support.
  • Employee discounts on various personal insurances like those for pets, vehicles, and residences.
  • The Dollar General Savings and Retirement Plan offers a 401(k) with diverse investment choices.
  • Generous paid time off and holiday policies.
  • Allows up to 25% of income or the max annual IRS limit to be contributed pre-tax.
  • Recognition for years of service.
  • Rewards at the Store Support Center include facilities like a fitness centre, in-house dry cleaning, subsidized childcare, and DGme exclusive apparel, among others.

Dollar General Story

You’ve probably shopped at Dollar General before. Well, it’s a big retail store chain started from scratch by a father-son duo, James Luther Turner and Cal Turner. Today, it’s worth a whopping .825 billion!


When Cal Turner Jr. passed away in 1987, the business was handed down to new leaders. In 2003, David Perdue took over as CEO and introduced Dollar General Market stores. Later, the company’s shares were sold for a vast .9 billion.

Dollar General stores are mainly found in rural areas, and they don’t own the buildings they’re in. This clever strategy helps them keep their costs low. These stores are relatively small, with a limited selection of products (around 12,000) and not too many fresh items. All of these tricks help them offer lower prices to their customers.

Career Growth at Dollar General

  1. Click on the link to the DGME Employee Portal.
  2. A page will open with different sections to complete.
  3. Type a job-related word, the specific application ID, or the city or state you want to work in into the first box.
  4. Next, pick the type of job you’re looking for from the job category list.
  5. Choose a Dollar General store and indicate where you’d like to work.
  6. After filling in these details, a list of jobs will appear. Please review them and select the one that fits what you’re looking for at DG Careers.
Official NameDGME (Dollar General Market Employee)
Portal TypeOfficial Name
Accessible ByDollar General Employees
Mobile AppNot Available
Managed ByDollar General

How to Remove Your Dollar General Account

Indeed, if you consider removing your DGme account from the online interface, various circumstances might prompt this decision. The services didn’t meet your expectations, or your experience was less than satisfactory. We will guide you through eradicating your account from the portal. We will provide two methods to ensure all your details are erased from the history.

How to Remove Your Dollar General Account

One approach is to invoke your rights under the GDPR, which empowers EU citizens to request the erasure of their data by an entity. You can initiate this process by contacting the organization via email or post. Similarly, the CCPA protects California residents, enabling them to demand that a company remove their data from its records. Non-compliance could lead to a significant penalty of up to $7,500 per infraction. For users of DG’s financial management or digital promotion applications, access the ‘Apps‘ section under your device’s settings menu, find the app under ‘Storage,’ and proceed with its removal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  

Are there any discounts available for Dollar General employees?

Yes, Dollar General employees, including retirees and their families, as well as friends, have access to special discounts and benefits. These discounts apply to a wide array of products and services used daily.

How will my application have been successfully submitted?

You will receive a confirmation email after finishing the application process and taking the required tests. This email will be sent to the address you provided during the application submission. If you don’t find the confirmation in your primary inbox, check your spam or email filtering folders. Due to the volume of applications, we cannot individually respond to all applicants. However, if your qualifications align with our needs, we will contact you.

What if I don’t have a computer? How can I still apply?

If you don’t have a computer, public libraries and state employment offices frequently offer access to computers and the Internet at no cost. You can also use your smartphone or tablet to apply, as our application process is designed to be compatible with these mobile devices.

Final Remarks

Dollar General’s internal portal is a resource for employees to check their eligibility for the company’s benefits, such as health insurance akin to Medicare and life insurance policies. The portal is more than a benefits checker; it encourages staff to replenish stock efficiently and enables prompt communication between team members. Employees can adjust their working hours and discuss workplace rights and concerns through this portal.

The retail experience at Dollar General has been meticulously crafted. The company has worked diligently to assort its stores with various select products that simplify the shopping experience. Dollar General aims to be a quick stop for essentials, offering everything from cleaning supplies to personal care items, ensuring customers can complete their shopping expediently, often in less than ten minutes. The smooth operation and customer satisfaction are credited to the employees’ hard work behind the scenes.

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