DGme Login Portal For Dollar General Employees

Dollar General Login portal upholds DG commitment to serve others. DG is the biggest retailer in practically every neighborhood in America. As promised, they use the DGme Login Portal to assist their employees and consumers. By making it easier to access their salary and benefits with DG login portal, employees are motivated to concentrate on serving clients more effectively.

Dollar General is always looking to hire high-performing employees. These individuals from diverse backgrounds provide distinct insights into all of their business areas. Furthermore, they match their customers’ needs with value and convenience by developing their workforce through award-winning training and development incentives.

Employees receive benefits from Dollar General through tracking information regarding DG employee roles and rights with the help of the DGme portal. DGme is an online login portal where employees can check their payment schedules, attendance, payroll reports, medical reimbursements, and other benefits. Dollar General employees get the pool of information through the DGme portal, where they can apply and receive a bundle of benefits. For instance, they can track records of their;

  • Working Hours.
  • Important Announcements. 
  • DGme Paystub Login.
  • Career Opportunities, Compensation, and rewards. 
  • Benefits, Health, Well-Being Benefits. 
  • Retirement plans, benefits, and more.

The DGme portal also includes DGme Legion Mobile App, which provides excellent benefits for Dollar General employees. We’ll go over all of its features and benefits in detail by following these step-by-step instructions;

What the DGme Online Login Portal Looks Like and Important Information for New Employees

Individuals receive a unique/new employee ID when they join the Dollar General workplace, which they may use to access the DGme online portal.

DGme Login Portal
DGme Login Portal

Keep scrolling for more information on how to use the Dollar General login portal and the DGme Legion Mobile App as a Dollar General employee using a mobile phone and a desktop computer.

How Can New Dollar General Employees Register to DGme Online Portal

The registration procedure for the DGme portal will take around 10-20 minutes. It’s also straightforward (This process is only for the new dollar general employee, not for the registered employee). You must take the following actions to sign up for the DGme online portal.

  1. Login DGme portal to click here 
  2. Click on the “Registration Now” button.
  3. You will be redirected to the Dollar General registration Page.
  4. DGme will ask for employee ID, first name, last name, and date of birth. 
  5. Click on the “Submit” button (make sure must complete the required mandatory fields with accurate information).
  6. Finally, you will be required to answer sensitive questions and set a password for your DGme portal account. 

How DGme Login Employee Login Paystub

There are two ways to check the paystub, but before that, we need to understand the paystub and the benefits of a PayStub for DGme employees. 

How you login Pay stub portal

What Is Dollar General Pay Stub Or Check stub?

Paystub is a separate document that lists all the details about the employee’s pay. Paystub is also called a check stub and is part of a paycheck. It means it has all the information which will itemize the wages earned at the pay period and year to date. The paystub also shows the deduction and taxes that will deduct an employee’s earnings. And the check stub also indicates the amount DGme employees receive in a month. 

What Are The Benefits You Will Get On DGme Paystub

You can find numerous information and benefits on the DGme paystub login that helps Dollar General employees keep track of taxes, payments, and deductions. In the DGme employee login, you will see the following items includes,

  • Taxes for the employer. 
  • Deductions details.
  • Contributions of the employer.
  • Taxes for employees.
  • Gross wages.
  • Net pay and more

How Do I Check My DGme Paystub?

All the above information is essential for understanding the pay stub or check stub, but how can you check the DGme pay stub? Let’s get started. The following information pertains to both new and existing Dollar General employees. Here are two distinct processes used for accessing a pay stub account.

For New DGme Employee

If you are a new Dollar General employee, you must first register with the DGme login portal and follow the steps outlined at the beginning of this article. Please read the preceding information.

For Current DGme Employee

It is pretty straightforward since a few steps need to be followed by existing Dollar General employees to check DGme paystub;

What Is DGme Legion And How Does It Work?

The DGme legion app empowers your workforce by keeping them motivated with well-planned matchmaker work schedules. Keep yourself up to speed and boost staff performance by receiving feedback on their availability and work via a user-friendly interface system. It enables the owner/managers to send team members real-time personalized shift offers to boost team participation and ownership while also presenting options to fill available shifts and callouts through swaps. When work schedules become available, DGme Legion guarantees to notify team members and incorporate them into the next schedule accordingly. 

The DGme legion app has some impressive features.

We have highlighted 10 of the most important features of the DGme Legion app below;

  1. Reduce the burden upon your managers by using Automated Scheduling to produce optimized schedules that match your company’s needs with employee abilities and preferences.
  2. Employee Management Feature.
  3. Clock In and Clock Out Feature for Employee Work Time Tracking.
  4. Employee Scheduling.
  5. Compliance Management Feature.
  6. Employee Activity Tracking.
  7. Employee Access Control/Permissions.
  8. Time off Requests and Management, as well as shift swaps.
  9. Payroll Management
  10. Analytical reporting & Much More.

How Do I Reset Or Retrieve My DGme Account Login Password 

Did you forget your DGme/Dollar General password? If yes, then no worries. You can quickly recover/reset the password with just simple steps that need to be taken. Following are the steps.

Step 1: Need To Visit webapps.dolgen.net/dgme2

Step 2: DGme Login Page Pops Up And clicks on the “Forgot Password” Button.

Step 3: Enter Your Employee ID -> Legal First Name -> Last Four Digits Of Your SSN.

Step 4: Put Your Birth, Day, Month, And Year in the Right Format.

Step 5: Press The “Submit” Button And Follow The On-Screen Instructions. 

As you can see in the attached image

Reset Or Retrieve My DGme Account Login Password
Dgme reset password

How Do I Retrieve My Dollar General/DGme Employee ID

You may regain your DGme employee ID by entering your identification information if you have forgotten it. For retrieval, follow the procedures below. 

  1. The first step is to open the login page and click on the “Look Me Up Here” Button.
  2. Besides the entry field, the link appears with the name “If You Do Not Know Your EID.”
  3. The following information is required on DGme retrieve employee ID page
  • Enter your legal first name, which appears on your social security card.
  • Enter your Birthday, month, and year.
  • Enter your joining date (when you joined the Dollar General company).
  • Enter your social security number’s last 4 digits.

Once you’ve entered all of your information correctly, the DGme system will identify you, and Dollar General will present you with your employee ID, which you can use to log in.

How to Login to Dollar General (DGme) for Employees

must take a few steps to log in to your DGme portal dashboard. Following are the essential steps dollar general employees can take to log in to the portal,

  • Go to the DGme portal login page (This process is for existing users, not for new users)
  • Enter your ID and password
  • Click on the DGme login button

Please remember that the information provided above is solely for existing users. The information is provided above the fold if new users wish to learn how to register for the Dollar General (DGme) portal. Furthermore, If you quit your job for whatever reason and are no longer employed by Dollar General, you can use the Dollar General Employee account portal at your convenience. The manager has the authority to deactivate your account and notify you of the cancellation.

Employee Login
Employee Login

Features and Benefits

Dollar General’s (DGme) login portal is professionally designed and simple, even for new users who have never used a portal before. Let us discuss its helpful features and how it benefits employees.

  • Users may navigate the DGme portal from desktop and mobile devices.
  • DGme has designed its DGme portal to be responsive, which means it can be accessed via any browser and will automatically adjust for user-friendly navigation.
  • DGme portal is convenient and easy to use. 
  • The DGme portal is quite fast; its interface opens even with a single click. 

Dollar General Health And Well-Being Benefits For Employees

One of the most important aspects of the Dollar General firm is that every employee becomes healthier and safer. The corporation has provided medical facilities to its employees for this reason. One of the finest services they offer to their employees is cash reimbursement for medical expenditures. Dollar General cares about its employees. Their benefits are meant to care for their employees and families by assisting them with their financial and health objectives. They can also make use of the following advantages. (The perks are only available to workers, not retired Dollar General employees.)

  • Life Insurance
  • Short Term And Long Term Disability
  • Supplemental Medical Coverage (Critical Illness, Cancer, Accident)
  • Business Travel Accidents Coverage
  • Parental Leave Coverage
  • Life Lock Identity Theft Protection.
  • Adoption Assistance
  • MetLaw Legal plan

All the above medical services are for all Dollar General Employees, who can avail of all listed medical and life insurance benefits. 

Better Life Wellness Program For Dollar General Employees

Dollar General, as a company, cares about its employees and promotes physical and behavioral health, well-being, and financial condition to its staff. Following are a few of the benefits as listed,

  • Healthy lifestyle and disease management programs. 
  • They have given financial wellness, including employee discounts for pet, auto, and home insurance. 
  • They are providing their employee assistance program that includes access to legal assistance and counselling.

Dollar General Retirement Savings Plans

The company offers its employees 401(k) Savings and Retirement Plans. Here is how Dollar General can fulfill your dream;

  • The company contributes up to 25% of your pre-tax income.
  • Company match with immediate vesting.
  • Various investment options are available to employees to prepare for passive income generation after retirement, among other things.

Dollar General Compensation & Rewards

  • Competitive Salary/Pay.
  • Giving Annual bonus opportunities.
  • Paid Vacation/Holiday Benefits.
  • Service Award And Recognition Program.

“Above listed compensation & rewards Dollar General (DGme) reserves all the rights and terminates any Plan at any time.”

Dollar General Store Support Center And Rewards Programs

Following are the support program and rewards for DGME employees;

  • On-site Day-care
  • Fitness/Gym Center
  • Dress For Your Dollar General Day and Much More.

Dollar General Zero Cost Tuition Program

DG’s spirit of service extends past investing in stores to include aid in providing educational opportunities to the community. Their literacy foundation has actively granted over 140 million dollars to NGOs and schools around the nation since 1993. This has contributed to their legacy by helping over 9 million people earn degrees. Employees and their families are eligible for free tuition and secondary school expenditures via DG. DG partnered with Capella University and Strayer University on this project. They provide bachelor’s degree programs as well as scholarship opportunities. That means you may use the benefits to finish your degree without incurring any cost. Dollar General will cover some or all of your education expenses.

DG offers opportunities covering the following areas of study;

  • Marketing
  • Health services administration
  • Information assurance and cybersecurity
  • Business Administration
  • Human resource management
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Psychology
  • Nursing 
  • Marketing

DG AWARD-WINNING Training and Development Program

DG invests not only in education but also in developing its employees’ mindsets. For this purpose, Dollar General introduces training and development programs to create a welcoming workplace where every employee feels appreciated, respected, and supported. Also, they want to encourage new skill sets for their employees, which is why they provide incentives such as the tuition scholarship program & University Alliance.They firmly believe the new skills empower employees’ personal development and benefit placement rates, internal promotions, and a fulfilled workforce. A testament to their effort is their recognition by the Training Magazine for the top 125 organizations providing best-in-class employee training and development for the 9th year in a row. DG has held the top spot for two years, which is pretty impressive! You can find further details on this link.

Avail the DG Career Opportunities;

Begin your career as a DGme employee on a life-changing adventure with various opportunities. Here’s a list of possible occupations so you can decide on how to help Dollar General, the leading retail business in the US;

  • Retail Stores

You may apply for full-time and part-time roles at the Dollar General retail shop, which include:

  • District Manager

You will manage the operations of several regional stores by hiring and training store managers and establishing regional goals. They must monitor that stores adhere to company policies.

  • Store Training Center

You will be responsible for training new store managers as well as store management.

  • Store Manager

You will be in charge of the leadership necessary to manage a store while pushing in-store teams to prioritize putting customers first.

  • Assistant Store Manager

You will be supporting the shop manager in his tasks of developing customer-first behavior.

  • Lead Sales Associate 

You will make the store feel welcoming to customers and train an effective sales staff team.

  • Sales Associate 

You will respond to customer’s needs quickly and in a friendly manner.

Distribution Center Jobs

Dollar General is the proud owner of 28 modern facilities across the country. Ten distribution centers have been established to provide fresh food goods deliveries to their stores around the country. As a result, a Dollar General Distribution Center has a variety of exciting job openings that need a variety of skill sets in;

  • HUMAN RESOURCES & Training 

Fleet Jobs

Dollar General promises to help you advance your career by recruiting Class A CDL Drivers and fleet managers to oversee operations, and trucking miles turn out to be a joyful road trip for everyone. On average, Dollar General drivers can earn up to 90,000$ a year. They also offer internal Class A CDL Drivers training programs for interested employees. A simple step to begin applying to the DG fleet is texting DGFLEET to 25000, which will provide you with further job application guidance.

Corporate Jobs

To keep the shops functioning smoothly, the GD corporate headquarters, also known as the store support center, offer corporate jobs in a variety of categories, including:

  • Field Operations
  • Finance
  • Legal
  • Marketing
  • Logistics 
  • Real estate
  • Technology and more.

DGme Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)   

How do I redeem the discount coupons? 

Coupons are instantly applied to your credit when you purchase an approved item and input your phone number at the pin pad.

How to use the Dollar General App?

  • Download the Dollar General App from Playstore on an Android. 
  • Open the DG app and search for the product of interest to add to your shopping list. This way, you can estimate the total price of your shopping before visiting or at the store.
  • You can also order online via the DG Pickup feature DG app for in-store pick at a participating Dollar General® retail store. 
  • The Cart Calculator tool inside the DG App allows users to scan products at participating Dollar General retail outlets to view prices and applicable discounts. It helps you monitor your running cart price and stick to your budget. 
  • You can also use the DG app to scan items for available coupons. The available digital coupons automatically apply to your cart to estimate the discount price.

Does DGme have an app?

No, the DGME does not currently support an app; however, as a DGme employee, you can access your employee information using the online DGME Login portal.

What is my pay stub?

A DG paystub, also known as a Dollar General paystub, is a record that details your gross pay and net pay for a certain period. Your name, employee ID number, gross salary, deductions, and net income are all included on your DG Paystub. Dollar General pay stubs can be accessed in two ways: through the DGME PayStub Portal or by requesting them from your Dollar General store manager. The DGME paystub portal is an online tool that allows Dollar General workers to access their pay stubs by entering their Employee Id and PIN.

How do I find my pay stub number?

Navigate to the Dollar General Paystub Portal. Enter the username and password in the appropriate boxes of the forum on the site. For logging in, you will need your employee ID & PIN, which is why new users must create an account. Alternatively, you can contact your store manager for your pay stubs. You can locate the Paystub number in the dashboard after logging into the DG Paystub portal.

How long does it take for Dollar General to pay you?

Certain positions get paid on a weekly basis, while most receive their pay every two weeks on the 15th & 30th of every month.

What is Dollar General’s DGME portal?

DGME (Dollar General Management Express) is an online portal used by Dollar General employees to access their work-related information and manage their work schedules.

How do I access the DGME portal?

You can access the DGME portal by visiting the official website (https://www.dgme.com/) and entering your login credentials.

What are the benefits of using the DGME portal?

The DGME portal allows employees to view their work schedules, check their pay stubs, access employee benefits, and communicate with their managers and colleagues.

Can I access the DGME portal from my mobile phone?

Yes, you can access the DGME portal from your mobile phone by downloading the Dollar General app on the App Store or Google Play Store.

Do I need any special software to use the DGME portal?

No, you don’t need any special software to use the DGME portal. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection.

Can I change my personal information on the DGME portal?

Yes, you can change your personal information on the DGME portal by logging in and clicking on the “My Profile” section.

What should I do if I forget my DGME portal password?

If you forget your DGME portal password, you can reset it by clicking on the “Forgot Password” link on the login page.

Can I access the DGME portal from home?

Yes, you can access the DGME portal from home or any other location with an internet connection.

Can I view my work schedule on the DGME portal?

Yes, you can view your work schedule on the DGME portal. The schedule is updated regularly and can be accessed from the “My Schedule” section.

Can I request time off on the DGME portal?

Yes, you can request time off on the DGME portal by going to the “My Schedule” section and submitting a request.

How far in advance can I view my work schedule on the DGME portal?

You can view your work schedule on the DGME portal up to two weeks in advance.

How often is the work schedule updated on the DGME portal?

The work schedule on the DGME portal is updated regularly and can be viewed in real-time.

Can I trade shifts with another employee on the DGME portal?

Yes, you can trade shifts with another employee on the DGME portal by submitting a request and getting approval from your manager.

Can I view my pay stubs on the DGME portal?

Yes, you can view your pay stubs on the DGME portal by going to the “Payroll” section.

How often are pay stubs updated on the DGME portal?

Pay stubs are updated on the DGME portal every two weeks, in accordance with Dollar General’s pay schedule.

Can I view my W-2 form on the DGME portal?

Yes, you can view your W-2 form on the DGME portal once it becomes available.

Can I update my direct deposit information on the DGME portal?

Yes, you can update your direct deposit information on the DGME portal by going to the “Payroll” section.

Can I view my vacation and sick time on the DGME portal?

Yes, you can view your vacation and sick time on the DGME portal by going to the “My Time Off” section.

What is DGME Legion?

DGME Legion is a mobile app developed by Dollar General to provide employees with easy access to their work-related information, such as their schedules, pay stubs, and more.

How do I access DGME Legion?

You can access DGME Legion by downloading the app from the App Store or Google Play Store and logging in with your DGME credentials.

What are the benefits of using DGME Legion?

DGME Legion allows employees to easily access their work-related information on the go, including their schedules, pay stubs, and benefits. It also allows employees to communicate with their colleagues and managers in real-time.

Can I use DGME Legion to request time off?

Yes, you can use DGME Legion to request time off by submitting a request through the app.

Can I trade shifts with another employee using DGME Legion?

Yes, you can trade shifts with another employee using DGME Legion by submitting a request and getting approval from your manager.

Can I view my pay stubs on DGME Legion?

Yes, you can view your pay stubs on DGME Legion by going to the “Payroll” section of the app.

Can I view my work schedule on DGME Legion?

Yes, you can view your work schedule on DGME Legion by going to the “Schedule” section of the app.

Can I update my personal information on DGME Legion?

Yes, you can update your personal information on DGME Legion by going to the “Profile” section of the app.

Can I view my benefits information on DGME Legion?

Yes, you can view your benefits information on DGME Legion by going to the “Benefits” section of the app.

Final Thoughts

After exploring various aspects of the Dollar General employee experience, it is clear that the company places a strong emphasis on supporting their workforce through comprehensive training and development programs, competitive compensation and rewards, and retirement savings plans. The DGME online portal and Paystub portal provide convenient access to essential information and tools for employees, while the support center offers resources for addressing any concerns or questions. For those interested in pursuing a career with Dollar General, the online job application process is user-friendly and streamlined. Overall, Dollar General seems to prioritize their employees’ well-being and growth, which may contribute to their success as a leading retailer.

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