DGME Benefits

Dollar General understands the formula: if they treat employees well, then those employees will give their best. In support of this, Dollar General assists not only their employees but also their loved ones, providing a bundle of rewards, perks, and benefits that help enhance their lives, whether it be financial, emotional, physical health, or overall well-being. So, if you are curious to know about the benefits available to DGME employees, then this blog is for you.


Dollar General is not only taking care of their staff, but its main goal is to invest in employees and enhance their careers by providing skills and training that can reward both Dollar General and the employees as well.

The company’s motive is to promote work-life balance through its benefits and rewards system, which supports employees’ emotional well-being, financial health, and physical fitness. These benefits are offered only to eligible employees at Dollar General.

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Dollar General Health and Well-Being Benefits:

Dollar General offers several fundamental and additional coverages for employees’ physical and mental well-being and feeling your best to maintain a good balance:

  • Options for Health Insurance Coverage for all employees
  • Disability, both short-term and long-term
  • Accounts for Flexible Spending
  • Options for Life Insurance
  • Identity Theft Protection by LifeLock
  • Supplemental Health Insurance 
  • MetLaw Legal Strategy
  • Parental Leave 
  • Accidental Business Travel Parental Leave 

Dollar General Better Life Wellness Employee program:

  • Employee Assistance Program, which includes access to legal advice and assistance.
  • Programs to Support a Healthy Lifestyle and Manage Disease
  • Financial well-being includes staff discounts on pet insurance, auto insurance, home insurance, and other services.

Dollar General Retirement Savings Plan:

  • Employees can contribute up to 25% of their pre-tax income as part of their Dollar General 401(k) Savings & Retirement Plans (up to the IRS annual limit).
  • There is also an acceptable company match and quick vesting available.
  • Employees are eligible for a company-paid defined pension scheme. Healthy Way of Life.
  • Programs for Illness Management.
DGME Benefits

Dollar General Financial Benefits For Employees:

  • Employee discounts at Dollar General
  • Financial Well-Being
  • Insurance for pets
  • Home and auto insurance
  • Home and auto loans
  • Various investing and stacking alternatives
  • Chances for annual bonuses
  • Base compensation is competitive.
  • Service credit award program
  • Paid vacation, leave, and holidays

Dollar General Compensations and Rewards:

  • Base pay is competitive.
  • Annual bonus possibilities
  • Program for Recognizing Service Awards
  • Vacation and holidays are paid.

Store Support Center Rewards:

  • DG Day Uniform. 
  • Fitness Facilities. 
  • On-Site Daycare.
  • Dry cleaners on-site.

DG Retirement: Dollar General offers employee benefits and retirement plans. These options are designed to assist team members in saving for the future and ensuring a steady source of income down the road.