Does Dollar General Cash Checks? Everything You Need to Know

When it comes to financial transactions, people often seek out accessible solutions that fit their needs. But does Dollar General cash checks?

Understanding Check Cashing

Before we dive into Dollar General’s specific policies, let’s first clarify what check cashing entails. It’s a service that many retailers and financial institutions offer, providing convenience to individuals who need quick access to funds.

Check Cashing Requirements at Dollar General:

To cash a check at Dollar General, you will typically need to provide certain documents and meet specific requirements. These requirements may include:

Valid Identification

Dollar General usually requires a valid, government-issued photo identification card. 

Store Membership

Some Dollar General stores may require you to become a store member before cashing a check. 

Check Verification

Dollar General may verify the authenticity of the check and the availability of funds before cashing it. This verification process helps protect both the customer and the store from potential fraudulent activity.

Understanding Dollar General’s Check Cashing Policy

Dollar General, as a discount store, primarily focuses on retail operations rather than financial services. As such, they do not provide a check cashing service at their stores. Some Dollar General stores might have partnerships with third-party companies or financial institutions that offer check cashing services on-site. 

These collaborations enable customers to cash their checks conveniently, but it’s advisable to contact your local Dollar General store directly or check their website to determine if they offer such services.

Benefits of Cashing Checks at Dollar General

Cashing checks at Dollar General can offer several advantages to customers. Some of the benefits include:

Extended Store Hours

Many Dollar General stores operate beyond regular banking hours, providing flexibility for customers who need to cash their checks outside typical banking hours.

Alternative Options for Check Cashing

While Dollar General might not directly cash checks, there are alternative options available that can fulfill your check-cashing needs. Let’s explore a few popular choices

Retailers with Check Cashing Services

While Dollar General might not cash checks, other retailers such as Walmart and some grocery stores often offer check cashing services.

Mobile Check Cashing Apps

In today’s digital era, several mobile apps provide the convenience of cashing checks using your smartphone. Companies like Ingo Money, PayPal, and Brink’s Money Prepaid allow you to deposit checks remotely by capturing an image of the check using their app. However, keep in mind that these services might charge fees or have specific requirements for eligibility.

Accepted Types of Checks

If check cashing is available at your local Dollar General, the next consideration is the types of checks they accept. However, it’s essential to note that policies may vary between stores, and some locations might have restrictions on the types of checks they can cash. Confirming the acceptable check types with your local Dollar General is always recommended.

Regarding fees, Dollar General charges a nominal fee for check cashing services. The fee amount can vary depending on the check’s value and the store’s specific policies. It’s advisable to inquire about the fees beforehand to avoid any surprises during the transaction.

Fees Associated with Check Cashing at Dollar General

Like most retailers offering check cashing services, Dollar General charges a fee for cashing checks. The fee structure may vary depending on the specific Dollar General location and the type of check being cashed. Typically, the fee is a percentage of the check amount or a flat fee. It’s crucial to inquire about the exact fee structure at your local store to avoid any surprises.

Check Cashing Limits

Dollar General, like many other retailers, often imposes limits on check cashing.

Alternatives to Check Cashing

Banks and credit unions typically provide check cashing services to their account holders. Additionally, some check-cashing stores specialize in providing this service for a fee.

Here are some suggestions to have a seamless check cashing experience at Dollar General:

Check Store Availability: 

Before making your way to Dollar General to cash your check, it’s advisable to verify whether your local store provides this service.

Double-Check Check Eligibility

Certain restrictions may apply to the types of checks that Dollar General can cash. Take a moment to ensure that your check meets their criteria.

Plan Ahead

Consider visiting the store during non-peak hours to minimize waiting time. It’s always beneficial to plan your visit when the store is less crowded.

Be Polite and Patient

Maintain a courteous attitude while interacting with the store staff. Patience goes a long way in ensuring a positive check cashing experience.

Explore Alternatives

If, for any reason, Dollar General cannot cash your check, inquire about other nearby locations or financial institutions that offer this service.

By following these tips, you can increase the likelihood of having a trouble-free check-cashing experience at Dollar General.


Dollar General does offer check cashing services at select locations, it’s important to confirm availability and understand the specific policies at your local store. Keep in mind that acceptable check types, requirements, fees, and limits may vary from store to store. By being well-informed and prepared, you can make the most of Dollar General’s check cashing services or explore other options if needed. Always remember to review the latest information directly from Dollar General or contact their customer service for the most accurate and up-to-date details on check cashing at their stores.

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