Dollar General Employee Shoots Customer – DGmeGeneral Update

Dollar General, the popular retail chain known for its affordable prices, has been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons. On March 22, 2023, an employee at a Dollar General store in Memphis, Tennessee, fatally shot a customer. The incident has left many in shock and raises important questions about safety and security in retail stores. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the incident, its aftermath, and what it means for both customers and employees.

The Incident

According to eyewitnesses, the customer, identified as 32-year-old James Smith, was arguing with the employee, a 23-year-old woman whose name has not been released, over a refund. The argument escalated quickly, and the employee pulled out a gun and shot Smith multiple times. Smith was pronounced dead at the scene.

The employee has been taken into police custody and charged with second-degree murder. Dollar General has issued a statement expressing its condolences to Smith’s family and stating that it is cooperating with law enforcement in the investigation.

The Aftermath

The incident has sparked outrage in the local community, with many calling for justice for Smith and increased safety measures in retail stores. The family of Smith has hired a lawyer and is planning to file a lawsuit against Dollar General and the employee involved.

Meanwhile, Dollar General has temporarily closed the store and is providing counseling services to its employees. The company has also stated that it is reviewing its safety protocols and will be implementing additional measures to ensure the safety of both customers and employees.

What It Means for Customers and Employees

Tragedies like this one are a reminder that safety should always be a top priority in retail stores. Customers should be able to shop without fear of violence, and employees should feel safe and supported in their workplace. As customers, we can do our part by treating retail employees with respect and understanding that they are doing their best to provide us with the products and services we need.

As for employees, incidents like this one are a stark reminder of the risks they face on the job. While it’s important for retail stores to have safety measures in place, employees can also take steps to protect themselves. This includes being aware of potential threats, reporting any suspicious behavior to management, and knowing how to respond in the event of an emergency.


The tragedy at the Dollar General store in Memphis is a sobering reminder of the importance of safety in retail stores. While we don’t yet know all the details surrounding the incident, we can all do our part to ensure that such tragedies don’t happen in the future. As customers, let’s treat retail employees with respect and kindness, and as employers, let’s prioritize the safety and well-being of our employees and customers alike.

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