Figuring Out The Figures On How Much Do Dollar General Employees Make?

Dollar General Corporation is one of the many well-known names when it comes to the discount retailer sector in the United States. According to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission’s report, Dollar General has a net worth of about $6261 billion. When working for a company with an annual net profit of approximately $2.4 billion, it begs the question: How much do Dollar General employees make?

The data here is based on the polls conducted by our friends at Dollar General, Indeed and Glassdoor. Dollar general employees make almost $10.39 an hour. The business has 158 full-time employees under its belt. These employees rank differently in terms of office hierarchy. The entry-level position begins with a stocker and goes all the way up to the general assistant manager. The salary ranges from $8.16 to $14.04, depending upon the employee’s position and experience.

Job PositionsPer Hour RangeAverage
Sales Associate$7 – $12$9
Lead Sales Associate$8 – $12$10
Assistant Store Manager$10 – $15$12
Retail Store Assistant Manager$8 – $12$10
Key Holder$10 – $15$12
Cashier$7 – $11$9
Assistant Manager$10 – $16$12
Dollar General Employees Salary Range

How much does Dollar general pay an hour?

The payment policies at Dollar General stores vary from person to person and on store’s location. The bare minimum payment at this organization is $8.16, which goes up to $14.04. However, forklift operators at the company’s warehouse get paid almost $17.62, making them the company’s highest-paid employees. Dollar General offers competitive pay to its staff. The business provides its workers with a wide range of perks, such as health insurance, paid holidays, and 401(k) retirement savings plans. It is an ideal time if you plan on starting or switching careers to become a Dollar General employee.

How much do Dollar General Managers make?

The typical yearly salary for a general manager at a company is $347,875. Compared to the pay at Dollar General, the national wage average for this position is 22% more at $42.580 annually. The store manager monitors all of the operations taking place in the establishment. The store manager is also in charge of ensuring efficient operations and management checks and balances.

How much does dollar general pay in Texas?

In Texas, the typical remuneration at Dollar General ranges from $17,872 for a Sales associate to $94,000 for a Sales Leader annually. The hourly wages at Dollar General typically range from $8.06 for a cashier or stocker to $19.44 for a human resources administrator. There are almost 1750 Dollar General Stores in Texas, making it the state with the highest number of Dollar General Stores. These stores make up nearly 9% of all Dollar General stores in the United States. Now you know How much does dollar general pay in Texas? So, get started with your career applications at Dollar general ASAP.

How often does dollar general pay?

Dollar General has almost 18.7 thousand stores spread all over the United States. These stores have 158,000 employees and are located in 47 states. The salary payment for these employees is quite flexible at Dollar General. Employees are paid weekly and biweekly. Weekly employees are paid at the end of each week. However, bi-weekly employees receive their income on the 15th and 30th of each month.

How much does dollar general pay cashiers?

Cashiers at Dollar General make, on average, $8.20 per hour. However, if you’re a high-performing employee, you can earn up to $8.79 per hour. This means that if you work 40 hours per week, you will make roughly $17.056 each year.

How much do dollar general assistant managers make?

Assistant managers at Dollar General typically make $25,177 a year. This figure goes from $23,000 to $28,000, depending on your experience level and where you live. Remember, if you’re considering applying for the position of assistant manager, you must have at least 2 years of experience in the retail sector.

How much does dollar general pay sales associates?

On average, a sales associate at Dollar General is paid $9.03 an hour. The role of sales associate requires high performance. The typical retail sales associate’s salary ranges from $13 to $17. The salary for the same position is almost 40 times less than the average US hourly compensation.

How much does dollar general pay in Ohio?

In Ohio, the hourly wages at Dollar General typically vary from $8.78 for associates to $19.32 for emergency room technicians. From $15,000 per year for cashier/sales to $87,464 per year for the district manager, the average income at Dollar General varies. In Ohio, there are almost 967 Dollar General Stores. These stores make up nearly 5% of all Dollar General stores in the United States.

Are you searching to land a job in Ohio? Dollar General is a terrific choice when you find out about How much does dollar general pay in Ohio? DG offer competitive salaries and benefits. The average hourly income at the company is $9.95, and it offers a variety of professions, from cashiers to assistant managers. Employees at Dollar General do receive bonuses. The business has a bonus scheme called TeamShare that pays employees annually for exceeding predetermined sales targets. The bonus’s value fluctuates depending on the employee’s position and performance. Assistant managers, for instance, can get up to $750 annually, while stockers can make up to $100.

Additionally, Dollar General provides employee discounts. Employee discounts for the company’s own-brand goods can reach 30%. However, you are only permitted to use this benefit once every week. Additionally, Dollar General does pay pensions to retired employees.

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