How Does The Dollar General Employee Assistance Programme Work? 

Employees at Dollar General are treated like family. The DG Employee Assistance Foundation (DGEAF) provides financial assistance for employees enduring unimaginable circumstances when the unexpected occurs to a member of the Dollar General family. The Dollar General Employee Assistance Foundation has given more than $16 million to over 9,600 employees since it was established in 2005.

Employee assistance program (EAP)

Employee assistance programmes (EAPs), which are offered as benefits, support staff members with personal or professional problems that may be affecting their ability to perform their jobs, health, and general well-being. Employee assistance programmes (EAPs) typically provide free, private assessments, immediate counselling, referrals, and follow-up services. Employee assistance programmes (EAPs) offer assistance to staff dealing with a variety of problems, which frequently include substance misuse, emotional distress, significant life events (births, accidents, and deaths), work stress, financial or healthcare worries, and family/personal relationship problems.

The DGEAF (Dollar General Employee assistance foundation) tries to be there for DG workers and is an example of the Company’s purpose-driven vision of Serving Others. Support may be given for funeral costs for a close relative, the loss of a house due to a fire or natural disaster, unusual costs associated with an unanticipated life-threatening or terminal disease, or rental properties that have been judged uninhabitable or condemned.

Services offered by EAP

A range of services are available through the Dollar General EAP, including:

Easily Accessible and Private:

Employees and their families can contact the programme at any time, day or night, and get in touch with a specialist right away. Our crew is available around the clock, every day of the year, and our dynamic website also offers tools and information for self-service.

Except in the rare instances where disclosure is mandated by law, typically when there is a safety concern, services remain confidential. Services are provided as a free agency benefit and are optional.

Offers observation, advice, and recommendations:

Many of your workers can struggle to strike a balance between their family and work obligations, which could be bad for their general well-being. Relationships, school, health, money, work, family, or other difficulties can cause you to feel overburdened or stressed. As a result, their work-life gets affected.

Initial evaluations, brief counselling, referrals, and follow-up services are all provided by our EAP for family or interpersonal problems, work-related issues, issues with drugs and alcohol problems resulting from stress emotional etc.

Counsellors are available by confidential appointment, and employees meet with them to discuss their issues and create appropriate action plans. Our knowledgeable staff makes an appointment after asking a few crucial questions.

Services regarding Finance and Law:

For assistance with matters requiring legal or financial advice, the Dollar General EAP offers consultations with qualified solicitors and financial professionals.

All of us aspire to become debt-free and financially secure. You need to be well-informed and well-prepared if you want to achieve financially. Access to consultation and referral services for a variety of financial difficulties is one of the financial services available.

Most of us occasionally encounter legal problems or have inquiries about legal issues that call for the help of an attorney. Access to consultation and referral services for a variety of legal matters is part of legal services.

A licenced lawyer who works in your state is available for telephone consultation at a toll-free number. Legal services include, for instance:

  • A power of attorney for health care living trusts
  • Regarding housing or real estate preparation
  • Family law issues including divorce, child support, and custody
  • Vehicle collisions and related issues

Services for Emergency Relief:

Employees can become shocked, troubled, depressed, and unable to do their jobs efficiently after distressing events such as an employee’s natural or unnatural death, the death of an employee’s spouse or kid, workplace assaults, employee illness, or natural disasters at work. Employees may exhibit a variety of reactions, including a decline in work performance, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, interpersonal conflict, grieving reactions, and despair.

Our critical event response services are intended to reduce stress and activate natural resilience mechanisms. 

Orientations and educational presentations

For both employees and supervisors, the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) offers entertaining programmes. Among the subjects we cover in our health and wellness lectures are stress reduction, adjusting to change, and effective communication. Both in-person and online orientations are offered by our company, and they explain the characteristics and advantages of the programme.

Where possible, presentations should be made in person. EAP counsellors who visit your facility lead presentations that last up to an hour. The EAP offers a range of health and wellness lectures on a variety of themes, including wellness, emotional health, stress management, and personal finances.

Final Thoughts

In order to show their utmost dedication to their employees’ overall well-being, Dollar General offers an exceptional resource known as the EAP. When employees are faced with personal obstacles, they are encouraged to seek guidance through this EAP program. Personal challenges are more likely to affect the employee’s job performance and overall contentment, hence, it’s crucial to address them! In addition to this, extensive support is provided. 

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