Is Dollar General Open Thanksgiving Day?

Between the pre-pandemic drive to encourage retailers to give staff holidays off and the post-pandemic normalization of online shopping, determining which stores will remain open on Thanksgiving has recently gotten trickier. With some Black Friday specials and discounts beginning as early as last month, many companies no longer require the additional day to optimize their holiday sales. Many stores, including Walmart and Target, will be closed on November 24 to observe the holiday. But what about Dollar General? Will Dollar General follow in the footsteps of Walmart and Target, or will they defy convention and remain open on Thanksgiving? Let us investigate!

With the diversity of merchandise accessible at Dollar General locations, the bargain chain fits into a unique category. Dollar General stores are not strictly grocery stores, despite having a range of food goods to sell. Therefore, you should not anticipate it to be open for at least part of Thanksgiving.

Your shopping hinges on Thanksgiving day opening hours

Are you in the middle of preparing your unique recipe when you realize you need an ingredient? Typically, you would have nothing to worry about because you could quickly run across the street to any food shop to pick up bits and ends. But it all hinges on the question: is dollar general open thanksgiving day? The answer you seek is “YES,” but there’s more to it, so pay attention;

A trip to Dollar General may save you time if you only need a couple of goods that you would otherwise get from a big box retailer. And, because DG stores are often smaller than Walmart or Target, getting in and out may be more straightforward. According to the poll, more than two-thirds of festive buyers (69%) intend to shop during the Thanksgiving weekend this year. The top three reasons people expect to buy this holiday period are; 

  1. 59% due to deals being too good to pass up. 
  2. 27% follow the century-old Thanksgiving tradition.
  3. 22% want something to do.

7-10 Dollar general thanksgiving day opening hours 2022

Even though the Dollar General company website does not specify Dollar general thanksgiving day opening hours 2022 or include a note about holiday closures, Dollar General will most likely be open on Thanksgiving Day. In the past, the brand’s official Facebook account has updated their shops’ Thanksgiving day opening hours schedules around the country. Still, they have yet to confirm this through social media for this year.

However, according to the website Holiday Schedule, which aggregates shop hours for numerous merchants across all major holidays, most Dollar General locations will operate on Thanksgiving from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. On Black Friday, businesses will reopen at their regular hours.

Local news outlets in Raleigh, Staten Island, and Syracuse also reported on Dollar general thanksgiving day opening hours 2022. This news indicates that this is most likely the national policy. Keep in mind that some Dollar General shops may be impacted by a staffing shortfall in addition to the holiday, causing some locations to close on Thanksgiving. Call ahead to prevent disappointment at the door and ensure your local DG is open for business!

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