Reset Credentials of DGme Portal Guide

Employees may view their DGme pay stub data, Income Schedule, Online Attendance, Payroll Reports, dgme benefits login, and reset credentials of dgme portal using the DGme employee portal (DGme). Instantly check your pay stub data and study the online tax forms and many other DGme benefits with a few clicks.

If you need to remember your account credentials, reset them and regain them instantly by following these simple guidelines listed in the content below.

Resetting Dollar General Employee ID and Password

How do I access dgme?

Remember that all new employees and first-time users must create an account to access the dgme benefits login through Dollar General’s employee portal. Click on how do I access DGme to get redirected to the dgme login employee access portal. If you have not yet registered to dgme app for employees, a new dgme sign in can opt for the First time user? – Register Now option. You can spot it in the top left corner of the forum on the dgme login page, beneath the Employee Login Label.

Instructions for Resetting dollar general employee ID

It is natural for us to lose essential information while we are under stress. Suppose you need to remember your DG employee ID and can successfully pass the dgme login page. In that case, you can retrieve it as soon as possible by giving the following information as confirmation of identification.

  1. The most straightforward method is to click “look me up here” next to If you do not know your EID on the DGME pay stub portal login page, which you can find here.
  2. Alternatively, on the dgme login page, click the Forgot password link and select “Forgot your EID?” Option, underneath the Employee ID input field of the reset password form.
  3. After being directed to the ‘DG me Retrieve Employee ID’ page, enter the dgme security questions information below;
    • Your approved first name on your Social Security Card
    • Birth date, month, and yearWhen did you first join the Dollar General organization?
    • Social Security Number’s last four digits
  4. Once the system verifies that your information is legitimate, you will receive the Employee ID on your registered email address.

Instructions on How to reset dgme password

Unlike losing your Dollar General Employee ID, you will have to reset your DGme password to access your account on the DGme app for employees. If you wish to reset your password, follow the simple steps outlined.

How to reset password
  1. Click here to be taken to the dgme pay stub portal login page.
  2. Under the employee login label, click on the Forgot password link option in the top right corner.
  3. In the reset password form boxes that pop, enter your DGME user ID, legally authorized First Name, last four digits of your SSN, and Date, Month, and Year of Birth.
  4. You can either cancel if you suddenly remember your password or use the “Submit” option to get your DGME Employee Login Password reset.
DGme Reset Password Guide
DGme Reset Password Guide

Troubleshoot when You Can’t Login to DGme

Experts developed DGme to guarantee that the elements of the DGme employee portal are user-friendly. The features referred to are the dgme login page, dgme password reset, reset credentials of dgme portal, and various other systems. You may quickly access your information without any technological knowledge.

However, you are likely to encounter technical challenges with the portal from time to time due to upgrades and testing. Dollar General is constantly striving to develop and better serve others. Please refer to the dgme employee portal troubleshooting guidelines below;

Dgme Employee Portal Troubleshoot Instructions;

People hardly have any issues with the DGme login employee access portal system. However, if you’re having difficulties logging in to the dgme employee portal, here’s a troubleshooting walkthrough in case you can’t log in to DGme.

  1. The most common cause for being unable to access the DGme login page is a poor internet connection. Take time, ensure your internet connection is steady, or request a timeout.
  2. Second, double-check your credentials to confirm you have entered the proper credentials. Perhaps you accidentally entered your old password, which is why the portal prevents you from signing in.
  3. Login passwords for DGme are case-sensitive. When required, use the CAPS LOCK key and confirm if your password contains CAPS letters in the correct sport on the dgme login page form.
  4. If steps 1–3 do not work, cookies in your cache may prevent you from signing in to your account. Check to see whether you have granted permission for the required cookies. Here’s an easy step-by-step guide to allowing cookies in your chrome browser;
    • Click the more icon present in the top right of your chrome browser as three vertical dots.
    • Select settings from the drop-down.
    • Click Site settings under “Privacy and security.”
    • Select Cookies.
    • Launch Chrome on your device.
    • From this point, you can either enable or disable the following cookies options:
      • Allow all cookies
      • Block Third-party cookies
      • Block all cookies
  5. The DGme employee login portal may be among the restricted sites in your region. One alternative is to use a virtual private network (VPN) to evade blocks by switching your preferred server to another country.
  6. If the preceding troubleshooting walkthrough instructions on why you can’t login to dgme fails, please get in touch with us using our inbox or phone number. We would gladly assist you in resolving your concerns.

DGme Employee Portal FAQs

Is there a pay stub portal login option on the DGME login page?

To begin, DG employees can access their pay stubs online in two places: at DGME and the Paystub Portal authorized by Money Network. The latter gives you quick and easy access to your paystub data. It is a one-of-a-kind website that provides easy access to the information you want. You may, however, only view your pay stubs. The DGme portal, on the other hand, allows you to do various functions, such as search pay stubs, access taxes online, reset credentials of DGme portal, and much more, all from one portal. We recommend favoring the DGme pay stub portal login instead of the Money Network pay stub portal.

I need to remember my EID. How to retrieve DGme employee id?

If you’ve misplaced your EID, you’ll need to contact the Assistant Manager or Store Manager to rectify the situation. Moreover, here is a tip on how to retrieve dgme user ID. Look for your EID on the supermarket’s display board next to your name. Look confidently for a seven-digit employee id.

What are the dgme security questions to reset the credentials of dgme portal?

  • The legal first name on the Social Security Card
  • Birth date, month, and year
  • Dollar General organization joining date
  • Enter the last four digits of the social security number.

Final Thoughts

Making sure you reset your credentials for the DGme portal is super important for anyone looking to keep their accounts safe and sound. We’ve put together this guide to give you clear and easy steps to make this process a breeze, ensuring you can navigate the portal with confidence, protect your personal info, and keep using all the cool features without a hitch. Regularly updating and managing your login info is more crucial than ever – it’s the foundation of staying secure in our ever-growing digital world!