What is the employee identification number for Dollar General?

When you are hired with Dollar General, you are issued an employee ID number. You can use it to access a number of workplace services.

You might be wondering how to get access to important information like your Employee ID if you’re a Dollar General employee. You can easily locate your Dollar General Employee ID by following the detailed instructions in this article.

Pay stub inspection

Checking your pay stub is one of the simplest ways to find your Dollar General Employee ID. Your name, job title, hourly rate, and the total number of hours worked can all be seen on your paystub along with your Employee ID.

To access your pay stub, go into the Dollar General employee portal or the Paystub site and go to the appropriate section.

Reach out to the HR Department or your manager

Don’t panic if your Employee ID is missing from your paystub or if you are having trouble logging into the employee site. Contacting your boss or the HR division is always welcome.

To obtain your Employee ID, all you need to do is contact your manager or an HR representative by phone or email.

Examine your ID card or badge for employees

There’s a good likelihood that your Employee ID is printed on any physical badges or ID cards you may have. To find your Employee ID with this technique, adhere to the following steps:

  • Obtain your ID card or badge from your workplace.
  • Look on the front or back of the card for any codes or identifying numbers connected to your Employee ID.
  • Your Employee ID is probably represented by the numerical code you find on the card.

Take advantage of the Dollar General Employee App

Employees at Dollar General have access to an employee app that they may use to access important information and maintain contact with the business. Evaluate your onboarding or welcome materials.

You most likely received welcome documents or onboarding materials when you first started working with Dollar General, which included your Employee ID and other crucial details regarding your job. Examine these items carefully because your Employee ID might be printed on a letter of welcome, a manual for new employees, or other documentation you received during the onboarding process.

View the Website for Dollar General Employees

A helpful resource for employees, in addition to the Employee App, is the dedicated Employee Website of Dollar General. Use your employee login information to access the official Dollar General employee website. To discover your Employee ID after logging in, go to your profile or account settings.

Engage on Social Media

Request help in discovering your Employee ID by sending them a respectful direct message on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Your request may be forwarded to the proper department by the social media staff or they can offer you the details directly.

Seek advice from your employee badge

To make it simple to identify you, your employment badge frequently has your employee ID printed on it. If you take a moment to look at your badge, you might notice that your distinctive Employee ID is prominently displayed. If the Employee ID isn’t visible on your badge, look for alternative contact information like your store’s number or manager’s name. Having this knowledge can be helpful if you ever need to ask for help.

Review your email or consult your coworkers

Check your inbox for welcoming emails from Dollar General, or use your email’s search tool to identify any correspondence associated with your job.

Your coworkers occasionally may have experienced such problems or be able to provide assistance in locating your Employee ID. Working together as a team is quite beneficial.

Examine your employment documents

You most certainly received a number of employment-related documents when you started working at Dollar General, such as an offer letter, onboarding documentation, or an employee handbook. One of these documents may include information about your Employee ID. To find it, adhere to these steps:

  • Get together all the employment paperwork you were given upon hiring.
  • Review each document thoroughly, paying close attention to any passages that discuss employee identification or private information.
  • Pay attention to any mention of your Employee ID, which is often a distinct number code.


A key piece of information that gives you access to several workplace services and advantages is your Dollar General Employee ID.

In addition, Employee IDs given by Dollar General make it simpler for workers to take care of their responsibilities in the store. You can be sure that getting your Employee ID is a simple procedure whether you choose to check your pay stub, utilize the Employee App, or talk with your manager or HR department. You just simply need to try out various ways of acquiring it.

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