What purpose does employee ID for Dollar General serve?

High-performing employees are always wanted by Dollar General. These people from various backgrounds offer unique insights into each of their business fields. In order to ease everything for these employees at work, Dollar General provides an employee ID. 

What is a dollar general employee ID?

Every Dollar General employee has a specific identification number called a DGme Employee ID. The tracking of employee data, including salary, benefits, and attendance, is done with it. The online platform known as DGme, or Dollar General Me, allows employees to access information about their jobs.

When someone joins the Dollar General team, they are given a special/new employee ID that they can use to access the DGme web portal. You can access a variety of other workplace services with the use of your employee ID.

How to Locate Your Employee ID at Dollar General

If you’re glad to work for Dollar General, you may be curious about how to get access to important data like your Employee ID. We’ll coach you through the straightforward steps to locate your Dollar General employee ID in this detailed tutorial.

Look into your pay stub

Examining your pay stub is one of the most common ways to find your Dollar General Employee ID. Your name, position, hourly amount, and the total number of hours worked can all be found on your paystub, along with your Employee ID. To get a hold of your pay stub, log in to the Dollar General employee portal or the Paystub portal and go to a suitable section.

Assess Your Employee Badge

Most probably, if you have a real employee badge or ID card, your employee ID is printed on it. Observe the guidelines listed below in order to find your employee ID:

  1. Get your ID card or badge from your place of employment.
  2. Look for any codes or identifying numbers associated with your Employee ID on the front or back of the card.
  3. The numeric code you may see on the card may be your employee ID.

Consult your manager or the human resources office

If your Employee ID is not shown on your paystub or you are having problems entering the employee site, don’t get alarmed. It’s always okay to get in touch with your employer or the HR department. All you have to do is get in touch with your manager or an HR representative by phone or email to get your Employee ID.

View the site for Dollar General Employees

In addition to the Employee App, Dollar General maintains a dedicated employee website that is a useful tool for staff members. Log in with your employee credentials at the official Dollar General website. Find your Employee ID by going to your profile or account settings after logging in.

Make use of the Dollar General Employee App

Employees at Dollar General have access to an employee app that allows them to access vital information and maintain contact with the business. Examine your onboarding or welcome materials.

When you initially began working with Dollar General, you probably got welcome packages or onboarding paperwork that contained important information about your position, including your Employee ID. A welcome letter, an employee handbook, or other documentation that was provided to you throughout the onboarding process may contain your Employee ID, so carefully examine them.

Utilize social media

On social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, politely ask for assistance in finding your Employee ID by sending them a direct message. The social media team has the option of directly providing you with the information you need or forwarding your request to the appropriate department.

Consider your employee badge

For convenience, your employment badge frequently bears a printout of your employee ID. Your specific Employee ID may be plainly posted on your badge if you take a moment to look. You can search for alternative contact information, like your store number or manager’s name, if your badge doesn’t show the Employee ID. When you need to ask for help, having this information can be helpful.

Discuss with your coworkers

There’s a chance that one or more of your coworkers has encountered a similar issue or can help you locate your Employee ID. It is incredibly advantageous to work as a team.

Examine your employment documents or look at your email

Check your inbox for welcome emails from Dollar General or use the search option in your email to find any emails regarding your employment.

Moreover, a number of employment-related documents, including an employee handbook, an offer letter, and onboarding materials, were undoubtedly provided to you when you first began working at Dollar General. You could find information about your Employee ID in one of these documents. 

How Can I Get My Dollar General Employee ID Back?

If you have forgotten it, you may retrieve your DGme employee ID by entering your identifying details. The following steps should be followed for retrieval. 

  • Open the login page and select the “Look Me Up Here” button as the initial step.
  • The link with the title “If You Do Not Know Your EID” can be found next to the entry box.
  • The DGme retrieve employee ID page requests the following data:
  1. Your social security card’s legal first name, as it appears there, should be entered.
  2. Your birthday, the month, and the year.
  3. Indicate the day you started working for Dollar General.
  4. Enter the final four digits of your social security number.

Once you’ve successfully input all of your information, the DGme system will recognize you, and Dollar General will hand you your employee ID, which you can use to log in.


Employee IDs provided by Dollar General make it easier for staff members to handle their duties in the business. Regardless of whether you decide to check your pay stub, use the Employee App, speak with your manager or HR, or any other option, you can be confident that receiving your Employee ID is a straightforward process. You only need to experiment with different methods of getting it.

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